PROOF A MAXX is a complete event and organization creator. We are professional work team and experiences more than 10 years. We are good at management and event. Quality is standard in every detail. We create high-class event to meet customers’ need.

You could see many events on news or television. Those events were managed to be exciting and impressing to attract people. But how many people know about ‘what is this event for?’ and what is ‘Event & Organization’? Today I’m going to give you the meaning of those words. May be some of you might have questions ‘What is Event Organizer, and what for?’

Event Organizer is…
Event + Organizer. An Event is any situations which are happened. Organizer is manager. So the words together mean event creator; we create events for customers’ need. Event is not natural or causeless, the owner of that event is customer. It has purposes; event’s aim, and goals; why does it happen, who is it happened for, what is the purpose, and what is the result.

To conclude, Event Organizer is event creator for customer to meet customer’s need.

PROOF A MAXX CO., LTD. could manage entire events. They might be meeting or seminar, incentive, national convention, exhibition, road show, party, wedding, and any special activities depend on customers’ requirement.

Our outstanding point is, we emphasize on customer’s need; what should the event be, for success. It has to relate to customer’s budget for worthiness. All that we told you is just examples to show what we did for customer’s pleasure. You can look online at our facebook page; www.facebook/ It is another way to contact us and see what our event management has done.